Scribble and Strum

It Is Breath.

11/25/14 12:17 pm - Seed-Soil)

New note to note
the new coat of dew on
a zoo - uncertain
parade grounds which,
unwound by round-
ed young play sounds,
a jade crown was laid down
(conveyed flower weighed on

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10/17/13 11:52 am - Daily Kettle

Every hour is two
What time feels like these days
Not its prospect but its impact

Twice the effort for the mean result

Moments are tasks as memories pass
Streaming, trickling toward torture
Brought to sure boil and steam

That's when I ask for release

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6/22/13 02:02 am - Chased Shade

A morn under the sun,
A noon beneath a rafter,
Now evening's overrun
With love and lately laughter

Here's to summer's sort;
To rightists leaning lefter,
The yobs and yeggs gone yon,
Turks deaf turned toward the defter

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8/12/12 02:21 pm - The Capital I

Where stands the pole-as-banner,
Tall and singular, bridge over bubble,
Ego-birthed demarcation, bare
As it bears the bait of destiny?

There, behind wax, behind murmurs,
Behind shards of breath and rubble,
It hides from proof but requires no light;
A shift or stroke grants its dignity.

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12/8/11 05:29 pm - Occupied

These last three moons
Mind stood unphased as
Heart was rent in two.
Half bled west with
what it was, Half east
toward something new.

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8/3/11 07:20 pm - New

I'm feeling new again
Not in the way I wanted
So much to glue and mend
When one restrings the heart

I'm feeling green again
Not the way we're sold it
Questioned, counted to ten
Now I'll push off to my part

*Hmm, could be you hear what I hear
Yeah, maybe you see what I see
I've no doubt that you know what I need
But I've never found the answer in anything I read

I rode the timeline
To the center of my mind
Then kissed the hand of
My greatest guarantee

So I'm feeling new again
Am I true "I", I wonder
When time's dried the land of
What I used to be?

*Hmm, could be you taste what I taste
Yeah, likely you'll leave when I leave
I know now why I seethe like I seethe
But I've never known another who breathes like I breathe

+Can I blow back the storms
On this cold, lonesome ocean
When I find that I
Am now too tired to scream?

Can I raise up new norms
From the black sea of question, or
Will I row, row gently
To the bottom of my dream?

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5/17/11 12:00 am - Here

I've grown to be jealous
Of self-powered weirdos
Who'll power their lights as
Old, burned-out batteries

Dribbling fun acid
Upon pristine notebooks
Uncluttered by ink
Or imagination

Here I'm just waiting. I
In fact, did acclimate
To new churls and purpose
Pushed toward then denied me

Here vanished everything--
Lost long by negligence,
Blind supposition, and
Love's drowning smile

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4/20/11 01:37 pm - Clear Threat

Farewell, fashionable fear;
We’ve killed calamity color.
We’ll tell you when they’re here so
Your farness can feel fuller.

1/13/11 10:01 pm - Bum Rap

Alone, I appeal to your baser instincts
Tune my riddles like a Fabergé Sphinx
Surprised you brains trained years to get this
'Cause I hit the heart and who could regret this?

Ask me to consider a debatable history
Of heart in the art and some greater mystery
I don't need to learn 'cause mine churn out soliloquy
Carve out these marvels from the stone you broke and we

Haunt a present where no one can subjugate
The Bold gone Gold, upsold like a delegate
I'm not asking you to forgive the ignorance
Just dole out the dollars for our kids' allowance

11/24/10 12:03 am - DPRK I

Far corner of stone, as hard as a cyst
A hand held open curled into a fist
Parties still gather to plead to the son
Who carries his father down the mountain
With distance some laugh, but I'm willing to bet
That laugh thins with trouble the closer you get
To no man's land and its cold facades,
Hollow houses and dwindling odds

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